I love experimenting with new ways to tell stories, and lately my partner (a wonderful filmmaker in his own right) and I have started filming short skits, commentaries and satires to help people laugh through these challenging times. If you enjoy them, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to get the latest quirky, and always relevant content.

How To Have A Difficult Conversation With Your Roommate (Who Is A Spider)
Five Stages of Election 2020: A Memoir
Cocktail Hour: How To Make An Election 2020

I also create short videos on media or news-related topics, many of which have been published at the Media Diversity Institute. If you would like to commission me to make a video for your organization, please get in touch directly.

Media Diversity Institute:
Migrants and Refugees: Is Media Missing the Story?
Media Diversity Institute:
#CoronaRacism – The Other Pandemic
Media Diversity Institute:
Is the International Media Finally Reckoning With White Supremacy?
Media Diversity Institute: Disinformation, Misinformation, Malinformation
Media Diversity Institute:
Lessons From Lockdown
Media Diversity Institute:
YouTube is Celebrating Pride But Does It Support Its LGBT Community?

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