Over the past year, I’ve been putting together a proposal for my first book, Love in Times of Borders.

Love in Times of Borders tells the real-life stories of people around the world who have challenged borders to be together. It is the stories of Syrians who have taken their lives in their hands to cross the Mediterranean Sea, Hondurans who have escaped gang violence and persecution only to be separated by ICE agents. It is the Arab-American families who stood up to Trump’s travel ban to keep their families together, the Mexican-American couples who stand by one another’s side in spite of the border that physically divides them.

Each story digs into the history of the borders that shaped them, exposing the ways that conflict, colonialism and xenophobia have created a system of structural inequality over time that divides the world into those who can move freely and those who cannot. Together, these stories examine how borders impact the way we love, expose the way that laws have tightened them over time and imagine what our lives could be like without them.

Inspired by my own story, Love in Times of Borders is the most personal and meaningful thing that I have ever written. I cannot wait to share it with the world and hope that you will join me as I follow the story—subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll let you in on all of the details.

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