Anna Lekas Miller is a freelance foreign correspondent, focusing on the human impact of national security, foreign and immigration policies around the world. She has covered everything from economic inequality and police violence in the United States, to Syrian refugees smuggling themselves across borders to reunite with family members in Europe, to the unexpectedly messy aftermath of the Islamic State in Iraq. Her articles have been published in Vanity Fair, The Intercept, Al Jazeera English, Glamour, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Deutsche Welle, and many others.

Last year, she worked as a foreign correspondent in Iraq, covering developments in the battle for Mosul, and the aftermath of the Islamic State for Hong Kong-based satellite TV channel, PhoenixTV. She has produced short documentaries for the Fuller Project For International Reporting and Al Jazeera: Shorts.

Anna is HEFAT-trained, and fluent in French and Levantine Arabic. She is a US passport holder based in London, and available for assignments anywhere. Please contact her directly: anna.lekasmiller@gmail.com.